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Coaching & Teaching

Auditions can be daunting to tackle on your own. I coach students for drama school auditions and professional actors for various gigs. Former students have gone on to study at LAMDA, Yale School of Drama and NYU. I also run Shakespeare workshops through Bard City and Shakespeare's Globe.

As an acting coach, my approach is to understand fully where my clients are in their process and to build from there with empathy and encouragement. I believe that teaching should be a dialogue between the teacher and student, and that successful processes for acting are unique to each individual. My focus is on giving you tools to help you navigate around any roadblocks and to feel confident in your choices.

Audition Coaching

In our sessions we will:

  • Explore text to find depth of meaning and structure​.

  • Investigate your character's inner life and their given circumstances. 

  • Work on physicality and relationship with the space.

  • Build a solid framework for each piece in order to find the freedom to play in the moment.



Sessions can be in person or online. 

Sonia Mena (Hulu's Tell Me Lies, HBO's The Deuce): "HARRY RULES! After a coaching session I feel like I have a piece that is both repeatable and grounded in ideas that inspire spontaneity. Game changer."


Gillian B (NYU Grad Acting):"Harry is a phenomenal audition coach. His strength lies in his analytical ability to understand any given text and teach the actor how to navigate it. He is patient, supportive, and an incredibly skilled actor, so he was easy to communicate with and had useful advice for the audition room."

Eduardo A (LAMDA MFA Professional Acting): “Harry really helped me find the shifts within the text. Finding those specific changes, allowed me to feel secure about the character's process within the scene. I also have to point out that the thing I valued most about Harry was his calming presence in the space. He kept me grounded whenever I came in anxious or stressed about the audition process. That gave me the courage to go into the room with JOY!”

Dhruv R (LAMDA BA (Hons) Professional Acting): “Within moments of both sessions, I was beginning to think about the text in entirely new ways, connecting and grounding the work with myself as well as with the character and circumstances. Harry is an incredibly warm and radiant human who allowed for the work to flow in a comfortable environment which had me itching for more after our time together was up.”

Maia M (Yale School of Drama): "Harry's coaching has helped me get to the final rounds of top UK acting schools and accepted to Yale School of Drama! We worked both on classical and contemporary monologues. My biggest challenges were with the Shakespeare pieces. Harry helped me gain a better understanding of the meaning of the classical language by working to create a strong personal connection with the text - I felt that in this way the language became closer to me and my reality. Harry also helped me find ways to be as relaxed as I could before I entered the audition room and we worked on voice and body warm up and focus exercises. I really recommend his coaching!"

Sally K (Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey): "Harry is WONDERFUL: part coach, part mentor and always your biggest cheerleader. He meets you where you’re at and creates a space for you to explore and take risks. I consistently surprise myself while working and have found a new ease and playfulness in my approach. He is particularly gifted with text work – you will find whole new levels of specificity."

Kenneth T: "My work with Harry helped me to analyze and deconstruct Shakespeare’s verse to a place where I felt secure enough to let my imagination run free. He gave me useful tools that allowed me to connect and build each thought with purpose. I took this work into my auditions and I am confident that my work will continue to grow because of these coaching sessions with Harry."


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